SrPersist ("Sister Persist") is a set of Scheme bindings for the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard. SrPersist runs under either MzScheme or PLT Scheme on Windows (95 and up), Mac OS X (10.3 and up), and various versions of Unix.

SrPersist performs extensive error-checking that is not done when using the C version of the ODBC API. ODBC errors result in Scheme exceptions. While SrPersist implements only ODBC, and little else, it offers definite advantages over the ODBC C API.

Francisco Solsona has built SchemeQL (in beta), a database layer that uses SrPersist. SchemeQL programmers do not need particular knowledge of ODBC.

System Requirements: MzScheme or PLT Scheme must be installed. In the DrScheme Windows distribution, a binary version of the SrPersist extension is provided, using the Microsoft Driver Manager. For other platforms, you will need to compile SrPersist using your choice of Driver Manager. Compilation directions are provided in the source directory, plt/src/srpersist.
To use the Windows precompiled binary, you must have the ODBC Data Manager installed. Look in Windows Control Panel for this application. If it is missing, download and install Microsoft Data Access Components from the Universal Data Access Page.