DrScheme is a graphical, interactive programming environment. In addition to editing and interactive execution facilities, DrScheme also provides various student-friendly features, integrated library support, and sophisticated analysis tools for advanced programmers.
MrEd has two facets. First, it is a portable, cross-platform graphical toolbox used to build DrScheme and other applications. Second, it provides advanced linguistic facilities to enable process-like features within a single language run-time. Unless you intimately understand your needs, we recommend that you use DrScheme. MrEd is distributed as part of PLT Scheme.
MzScheme is the underlying text-only implementation: it provides all of MrEd’s features except the graphics library and the eventspaces. Its language offers several extensions to standard Scheme. The MzScheme executable is relatively small and loads quickly, and is designed to be used as an engine for executing scripts. Unless you need the restricted interaction mode, we recommend that you use DrScheme. MzScheme is distributed by itself and as part of PLT Scheme.
The PLaneT repository includes a wide variety of user-contributed packages for PLT Scheme.
Slideshow is a program and programming language for creating and running slide presentations within DrScheme.
mzc is a Scheme-to-C compiler. It is included with the PLT Scheme and MzScheme distributions.
Redistributable Dynamic Libraries
Dynamic Libraries
Under Windows and Mac OS X, stand-alone executables built with older versions of PLT Scheme require a set of dynamic libraries. Although the libraries are included with &plt;, we also provide installers for just the libraries.
Other Add-Ons
A teaching environment for Java with language levels.
MysterX helps programmers script COM components.
MzCOM turns MzScheme into an embeddable COM class.
SrPersist connects to ODBC drivers for database access.
The Stepper
The Stepper presents the evaluation of Scheme programs through an algebraic reduction semantics. The Stepper is included with PLT Scheme.
Check Syntax
The syntax checker identifies syntax errors in programs, and provides overlay arrows that demonstrate the binding structure of the program. Check Syntax is included with PLT Scheme.
MrFlow is a static debugger that performs control-flow analysis on a program to identify potential sources of errors, much like a type inference engine.
OpenSSL for PLT
The OpenSSL binding provides a Scheme interface to essential OpenSSL functions.