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We have three main English-language mailing lists: one strictly for announcements, one for general discussions, and one for developers.

Low-Volume Announcement-Only List

The announcement-only list has a Web archive.

Our announcement-only list is intended for people who need to track releases and important patches but don’t wish to participate in discussions. The list is moderated to avoid irrelevant posts. The volume is extremely low—only a handful of messages a year. Ideal for systems administrators!

To subscribe to plt-announce@list.cs.brown.edu visit the Web page

or send email to
with the word `help’ in the subject or body of the message. You’ll get back a message with instructions.

Discussion List

The discussion list has a Web archive. (Messages before 2002-06-13 are in an older archive.)

If you have problems with installation, or questions about using PLT Scheme (please don’t post your homework questions!), send mail to the list at

To send a message to the list you need to subscribe—please do so by directing your browser at
or send an email to
with the word `help’ in the subject or the body of the message. You’ll get back a message with instructions.

The list is also viewable and searchable through Gmane,

and through Google Groups,
Both offer additional ways of using it: via HTML, as an RSS feed, or as a newsgroup.

Developers List

The developers mailing list is intended for discussions about the development of PLT Scheme itself. This is not the place to ask questions about using PLT Scheme, use the above mailing list for this.


to subscribe to this list. Archives are available at
This list is also mirrord on Gmane, as