PLT Scheme
    The PLT Scheme distribution includes the DrScheme programming environment provides specific support for beginning programmers.
How to Design Programs (HtDP)
    HtDP is the companion textbook to DrScheme. The book employs Scheme to present a curriculum in modern program design principles. It illustrates these ideas through a wide range of examples that are interesting and practical, including graphical games, Web page construction and file-system modelling.
    DrScheme and HtDP are at the heart of this project. Its goal is to transform introductory curricula by presenting computer science in a way that belongs in the core of both a liberal arts and an engineering education.
Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days
    A brief Scheme tutorial for people who are already familiar with programming.
The Schematics Cookbook
    Scheme recipes for common tasks in practical contexts — a collaborative effort from Schematics.
    General Scheme resources.