Mailing Lists — a discussion list for all things related to PLT Scheme. Ask your questions here! (Subscribe or browse, also via Gmane and Google Groups.) — a low-volume, moderated list for announcements, only. (Subscribe or browse.) — a mailing list for PLT Scheme development, for the people who want to see how the sausages are made and help make them. (Subscribe or browse; also on Gmane.)
Resources for Learning
Documentation for getting started:
Schematics Scheme Cookbook — full of useful recipes.
How to Design Programs — a textbook for introductory programming, but also worthwhile for experience programmers who are new to “functional programming.”
Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation — a textbook on programming languages.
TeachScheme! — a workshop to train teachers using How to Design Programs in the classroom. — general Scheme resources
PLT Scheme Inc.
Blog — announcements, helpful hints, and thoughtful rants.
People — the people behind PLT Scheme.
Development Repository
Pre-built development installers and Other Pre-built Resources.
Release Announcements